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Johnny Trigger - Sniper Game Details

  • App Name : Johnny Trigger - Sniper Game
  • Publisher : SayGames
  • Genre: Action
  • Size : 74M
  • Latest version : 1.0.9
  • Hack Info : Full Feature
  • Update : September 14, 2020

Johnny Trigger - Sniper Game APK Mod

Johnny Trigger - Sniper Game by SayGames - Action - 1
Johnny Trigger - Sniper Game by SayGames - Action - 2

The next generation of sniper games. Traditionally such popular games force us to run after the target and hide around the corner to stay safe. As the result, you usually get stressed and nervous because of constant risk to the life of your hero. However, not this time because sniper games have been modified and advanced. For sure bad guys still could shoot you, but not as easy as it used to be in the early days. Now you a highly experienced assassin who knows the most suitable location for an excellent shot. What is it? You are going to stay onto the roof of nearby building and watch the next target to kill. Look, the target is right behind that old tree! Be quite and focused, nothing should distract you from the mission. Great! Now you are a professional shooter, our warmest congratulations! Three tips to become the best assassin ever. 1) Pay attention to the number of bullets you have! On the average four bullets are available for you during one level. Not that bad, yep? However, keep in mind that sometimes you are required to kill up to four targets 🎯. The last, fourth target, is the boss and he cannot be killed by one single bullet. An insight for you – the 3d shot is likely to end with this guy. 2) The single shot is the only way to fulfill the mission successfully. It seems to be a bit complicated to aim from the roof and that is why the game provides you with gun sight. 3) Hurry up! Bad guys are also not that stupid and they are not waiting for your shot…It means your target are alive and can run fast, hide in the building and even take a car and drive away. Oh! One more thing is necessary to know – these guys do have guns too and even can kill you. Do not be a slowpoke! The breakthrough in sniper games is proud of few distinctive features.💣 ⚈ Variety of locations: from bakery to gas station. The new locations appears at the next level, which consists of fifteen sublevels. ⚈ Wide range of guns you can buy with earned money. Your budget is increasing after every successful mission. You see, there is still plenty of scope for improvement in your power. ⚈ There are innocent people who are under the risk of being killed. Do not be confused! ⚈ The real evil or the main target is a person with small suitcase. He will always try to escape, but do not let him do it! Otherwise, you will fail the mission and need to restart again. ⚈ As an incredible shooter, you will get golden keys in order to exchange them for extra money or details of the super gun. 🔥 Now it is time for you to choose: whether to stick to the ancient sniper games or download «JT Sniper» and experience something extremely different from all stuff you know before! One, two, three…shoot!

Johnny rolls up with the thrilling arsenal upgrade: - NEW EPIC GUNS! Addition of 5 impressive guns for adequately impressive encounters! Behold the ULTIMATE FIREPOWER! - EPIC SKINS! If you are looking for the best looks for your firearms, epic skins are the one truly Johnny way to go!

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