三國殺繁體版 by QI XI ENTERTAINMENT (HK) LTD. Premium

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三國殺繁體版 Details

  • App Name : 三國殺繁體版
  • Genre: Card
  • Size : 23M
  • Latest version : 1.3.7
  • Mod Info : Free Resource
  • Update : October 20, 2020

三國殺繁體版 APK Mod

三國殺繁體版 by QI XI ENTERTAINMENT (HK) LTD. - Card - 1
三國殺繁體版 by QI XI ENTERTAINMENT (HK) LTD. - Card - 2

"Game of Heroes: Three Kingdoms" is a mobile card strategy game based on the Three Kingdoms era. It is an original table game that combines history, art, cards, and other elements in an original three-country strategy card game. In the game, you can choose to play the famous characters of the Three Kingdoms period. Through the use of unique character skills and rationally playing various types (basic classes, kits, etc.), the cards are strategized, wise and skillful, and achieve the goal of identity and win. ———— Special way to play ―――――――― [Game features] 1-Rank Battle: In 2V2 battle mode, the rank is raised by points for 1 season per month. The height of the rank is the ability of the player, and can be proven through fair competition. 2- Intense team battle: You can always form a team, you are not fighting alone. 3- Authentic mode: Hides the identity of the main character, loyalty, anti-bandits, and the insider in a 5/8 player game. 4-Offline mode: No need for internet, you can enjoy anytime. 5- Exclusive warlords: Mausoleum, Zodiacity, Admiration, Cao Cao ... Enjoy only the smartphone version! 6-Government System: Recruit warlords, collect skins and raise the government floor, weekly bonus Let's receive! 7-Guild System: Bring your friends together to create the strongest public corporation. 8-skin (video): animated skin, visual upgrade. [Event Corner] 1-Game Special: Earn points in battles, improve rankings and win grand prizes. 2- Defeat the demon: Create a team of 3 people and defeat the boss. Get luxurious rewards. 3-Casual 1: 1 to 1: 1, get a gold ticket. 4-Casual 2-to-1: The main character plays against two anti-bandits and gets a lot of gold tickets. [Gorgeous voice actors] A leading voice actor in the country seems to face the Mikuni battlefield, making a voice for each warlord. * ZHENJI : Like a snow fluttering in the wind, light clouds block the moon * Naoka Son: Please take care of yourself * Liku: The humble prince is kind and unbearable * Mr. Shiba: Natural life, ha ha ha! * Zhou Wei: Let's scratch our feet! In the abyss of blood and darkness [Artist support] An excellent painter in the country made a dedicated skin for warlords. Zeosei series: beautiful and elegant, blooming flowers. World Series: Feeling timid Team confrontation series: Unique design, high ground.

[Optimize report system] You can now report Bad behavior in game. [Optimize ads Image] The ads are now in a more suitable size. [Optimize snap up event] Now there is no more unnecessary notice after the event begins. [Optimize adventure shop] Now if you are shopping for repeat items, there will be a notice. [Compatibility] Android 10 compatibile

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