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Oden Cart 2 A Taste of Time Details

  • Apk Name : Oden Cart 2 A Taste of Time
  • Publisher : GAGEX Co.,Ltd.
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Size : 43M
  • Version : 2.1.0
  • Hack Info : Premium Unlimited
  • Update : July 25, 2017

Oden Cart 2 A Taste of Time APK Download

Oden Cart 2 A Taste of Time by GAGEX Co.,Ltd. - Adventure - 1
Oden Cart 2 A Taste of Time by GAGEX Co.,Ltd. - Adventure - 2

Another strange, bittersweet tale is unfolding at a tiny oden cart, and you won't believe when! Take on the role of a stubborn old oden cart owner trying to get back home in this story-driven game. The customers who frequent your cart are quite the colorful bunch. Help them blow off steam by listening to their worries and woes. As you do, their stories will be revealed before your very eyes. You'll see that some hopes, dreams, and fears never change. And before you know it, a moving story will unfold from a few casual complaints! There may even be a surprising twist or two along the way. Be sure to see the entire story through to the end! As always, we're not after your wallet. You can play the entire game for free, with no in-app purchases. Play a little bit each day as a break from your own hectic life. 【Story】 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Everyone has their secrets. Be they silly trifles or painful events rarely spoken aloud, they are always on the tips of tongues, held back out of fear or reverence. Welcome to Edo, the City of Flowers A small cart sits on the edge of town, selling a food from the future called "oden." Tonight, like all nights, customers will flock to it in search of a moment's peace. But will the cart's owner ever be able to return to his own era? The answer lies in a most peculiar story, which you are about to witness... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 【How to Play】 Goal Tap or swipe the customers' gripes to listen to them. They'll feel better, and you'll sell more oden. Win-win! The customers may repeat themselves, but remember to be patient. We all need a shoulder to cry on now and again. Keep playing to see how their stories end! 【Playing the Game】 1. Use the Restock Menu to purchase oden. 2. Customers will drop in, each with their own secrets. 3. Tap or swipe to listen to your customers' gripes! 4. Listening to gripes keeps customers happy, and helps your bottom line! 5. The more money you have, the more oden ingredients you can buy! 6. Listening to a customer's gripes enough times increases their Loyalty Level. 7. The higher their Loyalty Level, the longer they linger at your cart. Listen to what your customers have to say, and see how their stories unfold! 【Restocking Your Cart】 Purchase oden to fill your cart and draw in customers. Your stock of oden will get eaten up after a while, so be sure to check in regularly and restock. Helpful Hints: Different customers show up depending on the oden you stock. You can find each customer's favorite food in the "Customers" menu. Raise a customer's Loyalty Level and they might open up to you even more!

Multiple Bug Fixes

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