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Three Kingdoms: Chaos Arena Details

  • Apk Name : Three Kingdoms: Chaos Arena
  • Publisher : KunYue Game
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Size : 55M
  • Version : 1.0.0
  • Hack Info : Full Feature Unlocked
  • Update : April 3, 2020

Three Kingdoms: Chaos Arena APK Mod

Three Kingdoms: Chaos Arena by KunYue Game - Role Playing - 1
Three Kingdoms: Chaos Arena by KunYue Game - Role Playing - 2

Log in to Claim 10 Elite Summons Gift Code :TT777 Introduction: The Three Kingdoms is a mobile card adventure game, massive heroes is luxuriant and shining on stage. Card can be collected easily and open your own battle road. Download the game now and have fun! Detailed description: The war of the Three Kingdoms is a 3D action card game made with the theme of The Three Kingdoms, focusing on fighting skills and heroes development. Game system includes various hero skills, equipment, pets and other elements. It is a new interpretation of the Three Kingdoms game! This game requires players to have multiple play skills and strategies. Online and offline immersive instant combat mood exist in game. The Three Kingdoms city siege is at any time to be ready. All big forces fight each other with combined fighting skills and unique heroes development system. Extraordinary movement control allows you to run the situation. Come and experience the elegant appearance of the Three Kingdoms. [Game Features] ◆ National war, Stringed arrow ◆ On the stage of the struggle for hegemony of the unique military general, the wars caused by the princes followed one after another, and the world of The Three Kingdoms was highly restored. Every moment of combat is fluid, with stunning effects; A new lineup to build the system, let the three countries become your home, full service war ready to start, the best way to seek hegemony and so on to open up! ◆ Recruit heroes, Strategic development ◆ In the game, players can recruit nearly 100 heroes of four forces, each of whom has his own exclusive skills, weapons and partners. Cultivating and using different heroes creates a unique strategy and combat experience. ◆ Various equipment, Fancy building ◆ Players can play for hero equipped with powerful weapons, armor, treasures, st, magic, pets. Players can use obtained in continuous forging equipment for higher material properties. At the same time, players can equip setting stones or forge to their equipment, various equipment greatly enrich the strategic game. Heroes fate equipment can also greatly enhance the skills and attributes. Lets create your super exclusive hero. ◆ Thousand Scenarios, Fierce Battle ◆ The game has 44 chapters and more than 500 levels waiting to be challenged. Players in different levels will face the test against the enemy with different attributes and various skills. Players need to constantly adjust to the line-up change equipment, and gradually overcome difficulties. ◆ Free operation, Various play ◆ Panoramic battlefield map, single finger slide screen, click to move, free operation of any heroes, and a various combination of interactive release. World Boss, 100 people cart, City Siege, Faction Battle, Stage Battle, Train Zone, Team Scenario, PVP and PVE map all have rich content waiting for you to explore. ◆ Super Gift, Easy level-up ◆ The average daily guaranteed income is up to 3000 ingots without even one single recharge! Massive VIP experience is free accessible every day and the VIP level can be upgraded without spending money. Level 18 VIP is just around the corner. On the second day after you registered, we will send S support hero Cai Wenji gift pack to you. In the first two weeks after you registered, participate in our in-game event to get a chance to win SS hero Guan Yu and SS hero Zhou Yu. Three Kingdoms, the most free gift pack accessible game and least money spending game in 2020! Official Facebook fan page: Three Kingdoms: Chaos Arena

New Heroes Brand new powerful heroes Devil Lu Bu and Deity Zhou Yu are available now. If you gather enough hero shards of them, you can promote them to next stage in Accession. New Functions and Events New events with decent awards are unlocked now and players can check them in Event system. Now you can experience Thrilling battles in cross servers arena, raiding world boss to win decent awards and conquer more cities to spread your faction power.

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